Paris Panthers

  • Nationality: Netherlands
  • From: Lage-Mierde
  • Age: 40
  • Nationality: Brazil
  • Age: 41
  • Nationality: Ireland
  • From: Wellington
  • Age: 32
  • Nationality: Belgium
  • From: Huy
  • Age: 40
  • Nationality: Egypt
  • From: Chicago
  • Age: 29
  • Nationality: United States
  • From: Washington
  • Age: 24
Harrie Smolders
Yuri Mansur Guerios
Darragh Kenny
Gregory Wathelet
Nayel Nassar
Jennifer Gates

Information about the team


The fiercly competitive the Paris Panthers will be a force to be reckoned with this season. Harrie Smolders (NED) joins the squad for 2019, alongside Darragh Kenny (IRL), Gregory Wathelet (BEL), Nayel Nasser (EGY), Yuri Mansur (BRA) and U25 talent Jennifer Gates (USA). With this impressive combination, team Paris Panthers will be hunting down the opposition and looking to be more than just the 'cat that got the cream' in the fourth season of the GCL.