Rank Team name Points Season prize money
1 Hamburg Diamonds 312.00 € 2,269,614.36
2 Valkenswaard United 308.00 € 1,616,971.18
3 Mexico Amigos 250.00 € 1,051,515.00
4 St Tropez Pirates 244.00 € 772,202.28
5 Miami Glory 241.50 € 658,821.22
6 London Knights 217.00 € 558,564.17
7 Doha Fursan Qatar 211.00 € 536,877.30
8 Rome Gladiators 203.00 € 516,365.18
9 Paris Panthers 202.00 € 511,068.82
10 Shanghai Swans 196.00 € 460,676.61
11 Madrid in Motion 189.00 € 316,540.34
12 Vienna Eagles 174.00 € 289,217.48
13 Chantilly Pegasus 174.00 € 233,921.12
14 Cannes Stars 173.50 € 236,574.30
15 Cascais Charms 158.50 € 216,299.92
16 Berlin Lions 140.00 € 104,846.14
17 Monaco Aces 136.00 € 101,625.59
18 Moscow Bears 92.50 € 48,458.30
Keeping score

Over the course of the season, points will be awarded at each League competition as follows:

  • 1st place30 points
  • 2nd place25 points
  • 3rd place21 points
  • 4th place19 points
  • 5th place17 points
  • 6th place16 points
  • 7th place15 points
  • 8th place14 points
  • 9th place13 points
  • 10th place12 points
  • 11th place11 points
  • 12th place10 points
  • 13th place9 points
  • 14th place8 points
  • 15th place7 points
How it works

How does it all begin?

The first part of the League will be on the opening day of each event and this CSI5* 1.50/1.55m class will see teams’ combined scores taken forward to the second class.

After the League riders have completed their rounds, the class will open to individual riders. All riders in this class will be chasing Longines world ranking points and prize money.

What happens next?

The second part of the GCL competition also doubles as a qualifier for the LGCT Grand Prix. It will be a CSI5* 1.55/1.60m class. This takes place on Saturdays at every event before the LGCT Grand Prix.

Individual riders, not associated with teams, will be the first to start in this class to try to qualify for the LGCT Grand Prix.

Then the GCL teams will take centre stage, carrying through their combined faults from the first class. The results of the League riders will count towards their overall team score, but now their performance will also determine whether they qualify for the LGCT Grand Prix as individuals.

The overall winners of the League competition will be the team with the least combined faults and quickest time.

And the final part?

The top 25 riders from the League and Individual starters in the second class will qualify for the LGCT Grand Prix. The LGCT Grand Prix will feature one round and a jump-off. All riders will start on a clean zero score.

For the 2017 rules document, please click here.