Rank Team name Points Season prize money
1 Valkenswaard United 328.50 € 1,794,284.18
2 Antwerp Diamonds 326.00 € 1,321,284.18
3 Monaco Aces 315.50 € 916,284.18
4 Rome Gladiators 299.00 € 662,284.18
5 Cannes Stars 274.00 € 499,284.18
6 Paris Jets 272.50 € 431,284.18
7 Shanghai Swans 261.00 € 376,784.18
8 Cascais Charms 254.50 € 363,784.19
9 Doha Fursan Qatar 246.00 € 282,284.18
10 Madrid in Motion 243.00 € 341,875.09
11 Miami Glory 243.00 € 264,784.18
12 Vienna Eagles 242.00 € 245,784.18
Keeping score

Over the course of the season, points will be awarded at each League competition as follows:

  • 1st place30 points
  • 2nd place27 points
  • 3rd place25 points
  • 4th place23 points
  • 5th place20 points
  • 6th place19 points
  • 7th place18 points
  • 8th place17 points
  • 9th place16 points
  • 10th place15 points
  • 11th place14 points
  • 12th place13 points
How it works

League events will consist of two rounds against the clock with a Jump Off in case of equality of penalties and time for first place. There will be a maximum obstacle height of 1.50/1.55 meters. Riders must use the same horse in both rounds.

The starting order of the teams in the first round will be established according to a draw and the order of the riders shall be linear, with each team determining the competition order of its two riders. The first round will be scored according to the total penalties and the time of the two riders of each team. Only the top eight teams from the first round will qualify for the second round. In the event of two or more teams tied on penalties and time for the 8th place, all such tied teams shall advance to the second round. As normal, there will be a course walk before the second round.

The starting order of the Teams in the second round will be in reverse order of the classification of the first round. The order of the athletes will be linear. The starting order of the athletes on each Team will be same as in the first round.

For each competition, the final ranking of the teams is based on (a) the total penalties of both riders in both rounds and (b) the aggregate time of both riders in the second round. Teams that did not qualify for the second round are ranked according to total penalties and time in the first round. In the event of a tie for first place after the second round, there will be a jump off. One rider from each team will compete in the jump off with the Team Manager announcing the team’s choice immediately after the end of the second round.

Elimination, whether for a second disobedience or a fall by either a rider or horse, or for any other reason, means the elimination of the whole team. Teams eliminated in the first round are eliminated from the competition. Teams eliminated in the second round retain their first round result. And, the disqualification of any team member (including as a result of a positive doping test) shall result in the disqualification of the team and nullification of any points.

For the 2016 rules document, please click here.