Max Kühner

Max Kühner

  • Nationality: Austria
  • From: Munich
  • Age: 46
Max Kühner

Max was born on the 15.1.1974 in Munich. Most unusually - when compared to most other professional riders - his parents were only acquainted with the sport of riding on a hobby basis.

Due to lack of snow on a family ski break to Kitzbühel, Max experienced his first riding lessons. It was here that a lifelong passion was sparked.

The first pony Max rode was shared with three other children, and the possibility of a horse of his own was not an option, until Max's grandmother decided to buy him his first horse - Rilana. At the age of 16 Max won the "Upper Bavarian Championship" and many jumping classes with this horse. By then the entire family had taken part and assisted in every way possible. At the age of 18 Max achieved the Golden Riding emblem.

After completing school, Max went on to study Business Economics at the university, which also allowed him to manage his time in such a way that he could also focus on his riding. At this time, he had 15 horses, and was working in cooperation with a breeder at a leased stable outside of Munich.

Max later became a member of the National Team and was given the opportunity to ride in the team alongisde riders such as Marcus Ehning, Christian Ahlmann and Marco Kutscher - to mention a few.

Early 2015, Max Kühner decided to switch nationality and ride for Austria.


Fast Facts

Competed in 2015 European Championships in Aachen

Competed in 2017 European Championships in Göteborg

2018 Individual 6th position at World Equestrian Games in Tryon

2019 GCL team rider for London Knights