The World's Teams - Uniting Riders Like Never Before

GCL was launched in 2016 and heralded a new era in show jumping with top riders from different countries united in teams, including U25 riders, in a ground-breaking championship race for record prize money. In 2020 teams will go into battle at 17 events including the Finals in New York before heading to the 18th stage for the GCL Super Cup at the spectacular GC Prague Playoffs.

Unique Destinations

The GCL is a team competition like never before, taking in the world's greatest destinations including Mexico City, Monaco, Miami Beach, Shanghai, London, Paris, Rome, Doha, New York, and the GC Playoffs in Prague. The world's most unique teams will showcase spectacular sport, formidable partnerships, fierce rivalries and top-level entertainment across at total of 17 events in the GCL championships and at the GC Prague Playoffs, battling it out over the GCL season for the prestigious team Champions crown.

Pushing the Boundaries
of Sporting Innovation

Jan Tops, Co-Founder of GCL and Founder and President of Longines Global Champions Tour, said: "GCL is a ground-breaking concept in show jumping and has grown into a sensational sports series since we launched in 2016 as part of our Longines Global Champions Tour circuit. GCL brings together a great mix of the world’s top riders from different countries on the same team for the first time as well as talented U25 riders. Each season the intensity of the battle to win the GCL series and the GCL Super Cup has grown dramatically as Team Owners and Managers focus on their strategy for victory. With record prize money at the Finals and the Playoffs again for the 2020 season we look forward to another landmark year for the GCL series."

Lars Windhorst, Founder and CEO of Tennor: "I look forward to working with Jan Tops to help build on the success of this fantastic global sports property. Jan has been the pioneering figure at the top level of show jumping for many years and I am delighted that Tennor will be part of that continuing journey and the exciting opportunities ahead.​"

Horses First - Our Mobile Vet Clinic

The welfare of horses is one of the League’s top priorities. In 2012, the Global Champions Tour launched an initiative with the goal of providing top-class care facilities for the horses competing on our circuit. As a result, a unique mobile veterinary clinic is available to all horses participating in the Championship series and League competitions 24 hours a day for the duration of the events. The fully-equipped clinic truck features state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapy machines. This mobile facility, brainchild of Italian veterinarian Alessandro Centinaio and realised thanks to the support of companies such as Human Tecar, travels to every Tour and League event during the season.